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Doug Morby

Hi I am Doug Morby, Business Owner - Entrepreneur

BIO and Personal Information of Douglas C. Morby, MBA Douglas C. Morby, age 55, has been a business owner and corporate executive for more than 25 years and has worked in the trenches in almost all areas of business.  He is a “hands on” executive that doesn’t mind rolling up his sleeves in an effort to accomplish desired objectives.  It has been said by one former partner, “Doug Morby has ‘business’ pumping through his veins”.  This may be the best way to describe Mr. Morby’s professional demeanor. Early in his career, Mr. Morby managed a paint and hardware store, was a Night Auditor in the hotel business, worked as a Cost Accountant in a manufacturing company and owned and operated a construction related business.  These early career experiences taught him the value of hard work and dedication while providing a foundation that helped him launch his career as a charismatic and dynamic leader in the world of business. Douglas Morby holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Accounting.  He also holds a Master of Business Administration degree.  Mr. Morby values his education and the time and dedication that was required to obtain these degrees however, he feels strongly that real business learning comes from years of working on the front line and obtaining experience from the ground up. Mr. Morby has a broad range of experience as a business executive and has held several positions including: Owner - KWIK KABINETS, Cabinet Refinishing and Armadillo Brothers Paint Company CEO and President – electronics manufacturing CEO and President – heavy equipment manufacturing CEO and Partner   – business services company CFO and Controller – audio equipment manufacturing CFO and MIS Director – office equipment distribution Owner and Operator – paint & decorating business Business Consultant   When Mr. Morby has rolled up his sleeves and has implemented the appropriate plan, the companies have experienced rapid and impressive growth.  Below in an abbreviated list and description of Mr. Morby’s areas of responsibility and expertise. General Management - Mr. Morby is well spoken and has excellent communication skills.  His ability to teach and motivate others is well documented.  He has the ability to develop and maintain a company’s organization structure and the ability to have staff and employees work together effectively. Mr. Morby has trained hundreds of employees and executives staff in areas such as “The 7 Habits of Highly effective People” by Steven R. Covey.  He has successfully navigated the seemingly overwhelming challenges facing a company experiences rapid growth.  On several occasions these rapid growth companies have grown more than 100% annually in number of employees and sales volume. Mr. Morby is well mannered and has an ability to handle difficult and challenging issues with respect to public relations, as well as, internally. Accounting Finance and Legal - Douglas Morby has been a Chief Financial Officer for many years and understands thoroughly the general accounting cycle.  He can prepare and explain the Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow statements. He can prepare and explain proforma information and use it in the planning of business objectives.  He also understands and has implemented Cost Accounting methods and procedures used in a manufacturing environment. It has been Mr. Morby’s responsibility to obtain various forms of financing including revolving lines of credit at banking institutions.  He has been able to have a strong working relationship with investors, bankers and bank auditors. Mr. Morby has implemented employee benefit packages and has established comprehensive insurance programs to protect business assets. He understands health, liability, life, worker’s comp, unemployment and other insurance products. Mr. Morby has successfully dealt with legal issues and has developed good working relationships with Lawyers, CPA’s and government officials. Computers and Information Systems - It has been Mr. Morby’s experience and responsibility to implement a complete and responsive computer system for the entire business entity. He has established, from scratch, entire accounting software packages and he has trained hundreds of employees on the appropriate method of computer and software usage. At times he has also initiated an entire overhaul and computer system migration to a new system because of information constraints caused by rapid company growth.  Mr. Morby has also implemented and maintained security  and surveillance systems and telephone and communication packages. Sales, Marketing and Customer Service - Throughout his career, Mr. Morby has spent countless hours establishing and implementing proven methods for the continual progression of profitable sales results.  He has been active in the establishment of of product pricing and costing models and has overseen all aspects of Sales and Marketing.  Mr. Morby has setup several call centers for the purpose of soliciting product and service sales, technical support and even handling customer complaints.  Mr. Morby has established and trained various independent and internal sales rep networks. Mr. Morby has established, organized and managed entire marketing groups responsible for photography, product and packaging design, advertising, product shows and the creation of promotional materials. In an effort to keep up with changing times, Mr. Morby has become an internet expert in the area of web based marketing campaigns, website design and search engine optimization. Mr. Morby has had products sold in major retail chains, including Home Depot, Wal-Mart, Circuit City and Best Buy. Manufacturing – A major part of Mr. Morby’s career has been in the manufacturing sector. His companies have manufactured audio equipment, electronics, construction related products and heavy equipment.  He has also worked in the gas and oil industry and in mining.  Manufacturing environments have a unique set of problems at the plant level.  Mr. Morby uses the “Theory of Constraints” management method introduced by physicist and manufacturing guru, Eli Goldratt.  Mr. Morby is an expert at eliminating constraints on the plant floor thereby increasing product flow and profitability.  Mr. Morby understands inventory control, fixed asset management and appropriate procurement methods. Personal – Mr. Morby has been married to the same woman for more than 32 years.  The couple have 12 children and 7 grandchildren.  They make their home in the east valley of the Phoenix, Arizona area.  Mr. Morby is athletic and competitive and at the age of 54 still plays basketball, racquetball, softball and golf.  He plays the trumpet and enjoys music. He is active in his religious affiliation. He has an active lifestyle and is in excellent health. In summary, Douglas C. Morby has the unique ability to build a company from the ground up, grow that company quickly and then manage a profitable and valuable entity into the future.    

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January 2013 - Present | METRO - PHOENIX

Been in Home Improvement - at least part time since 1978

Consultant at Arcadia Energy

January 2011 - May 2011

Gas and Oil - Industrial Products

Executive at The Camelback Group

January 2011

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University of Phoenix

1988 – 1991


Weber State University

1979 – 1985


Concentration: Accounting

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Family Life - sports - home improvement - internet - public relations - marketing

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